The security of your private information is important to us. We have taken extra measures to assure your order is completely safe and secure.

Do you use SSL?
Yes, all order information is exchanged between your browser and our web server via Secure Sockets Layer encryption. This assures no one can acquire your personal information as it travels between your browser and our web server.

Is my order information ever exposed?
No, even during the transfer your order from our web server to our order processing center, your order is fully encrypted. Our order processing computer is not connected to the Internet.

Do you store my order information?
A copy of your order is not stored on our web server unless you choose for us to keep this information by creating an optional 'account' (see below).

How do you protect my 'account' information?
If you decide to create an (optional) account with us, we will for your convenience store your past order information, and if you so choose, your billing information on our web server. This information is available to you on your next visit to our site after you have entered your user name and password. Both your password and your credit card number are stored on our web server using strong encryption and are totally unreadable to anyone, including us, without the clear login password that only you can provide.

How can I contact Johnson Florist if I have concerns regarding security?
If you have questions at any time regarding our security practices, you may contact Johnson Florist by sending a note to or to the following addresses:

Webmaster - Johnson Florist
1738 Grand Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55105